How to get more LinkedIn views, better job offers, opportunities and open doors!

Get Noticed Online, Boost Your Online Profile and Get the Life You Deserve!

Let’s face the facts…Your online profile image has a huge impact on your job opportunities.

And there is a big financial cost to not dealing with this…

Your resume is being whisked over because you are using an outdated, inappropriate unprofessional image. In fact, you’re not even getting to the screening stage!

WHY would a recruiter or hiring manager give you a glance if you’ve put ZERO effort into creating a professional profile? And make no mistake…they are all judging you by your image.

“A study by Muse found that 92% of companies use social media during their hiring process. A professional online photo makes you fourteen times more likely to be considered for a position if you’re applying for a job online.”

Breakthrough Header Image

Would you hire this guy?

And If You Ignore It…It Just Gets Worse.

What most men do when trying to build their profile is get a friend, workmate or family to take a picture for them – or worse A SELFIE. Or even worse an outdated image from years back because it’s the only thing they have on their phone!

But this CLEARLY doesn’t work.  And you know why?

  • You look unprofessional and lazy– like you haven’t put the time and effort into your future by getting some good quality professional headshots done. You bought a nice suit for interviews right? Got your haircut and hair beard trimmed. Even shaved. But that’s not enough! You need to a professional, confident and credible profile picture!
  • Your images are very poor quality. Even with those fancy new phones that say they take 24 Megapixel images. You are not a photographer. Your friend is not a photographer. You still look unprofessional and that you’re not making an effort.
  • Only a professional photographer knows how to create EXACTLY what recruiters, HR Managers, screeners and WOMEN are looking for and how to get those images that can literally TRANSFORM your success in the online world.

You have 1/6th of a second to make an impression

What happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?


…And keep your head buried in the sand?

Create a POWERFUL First Impression.

Inspire Confidence, Credibility and Authority

Your Photo Is Your Sales Pitch

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

Your business is a direct reflection of who you are as a person. A picture is worth a 1000 words and how you portray yourself to your audience is key, as it highlights your professionalism, authenticity and that all important ‘human side’ to you. Erin is a natural when it comes to really understanding your needs and takes the time to bring out your best in her work. If you’re looking for someone to give you the edge through professional profile pictures, then you need to look no further than Erin. Thank you, Erin, for all you did to help with my photo shoot. Love your work!
Gavin SequieraGavin - Founder, Break Free From Corporate
Erin was such a pleasure to work with! I loved how comfortable she allowed me to feel in front of the camera, giving me clear direction and clarity about what to wear. I received my images quickly and efficiently and they will represent me well for my Facebook, Linkedin and Website branding.  Thank you Erin!
Stephanie Harris_HR-16Stephanie, Independant Artist
The experience was great. For the first time, I was able to just go with the flow and your directions. It was natural, outside in the sunshine, and not clinical. We connected and had some laughs and banta.  You made me feel it was all about me!
Greg Eldred-11Greg, Sharp

It’s in our DNA

I’ve personally helped thousands of people supercharge their online profiles to achieve great results in their careers and love. My desire to propel you to success at work, relationships and a passionate life is the reason I offer this incredible one hour photography session.

~Erin Pimm

It’s Time to Supercharge Your Online Profile

Breakthrough Header Bottom Sales

Other photographers charge upwards of $350 or MORE for just ONE HEADSHOT. And you have to go to their studio!

Get your resume and online profile noticed by recruiters and Hiring Managers. Creating a professional looking LinkedIn Profile that gets results and views. The special secret sauce you need to attract the women of your dream, more swipes and a whole lotta love.

Your Breakthrough Headshot Session Includes:


So what if?

“I’m just too busy to get out of the office? You squeeze 12 hours into 8. This isn’t an issue anymore because WE COME TO YOU. That’s right! Anywhere within 5km of the CBD. You just give us the address and we’ll meet you there. All our sessions are shot outdoors against the amazing Melbourne backdrops this city offers so we can get a combination of unique images for you to use.

“I can’t afford headshots right now.” You CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO! You are leaving money on the table. You are spending more time looking, or being unemployed. You are endlessly swiping and getting no results in the dating world. We have payment options too – because we want you to be successful.

“I‘m not photogenic”. Trust me. EVERY client says this to me. And it’s JUST NOT TRUE. It’s MY JOB to you look great. And because I am SO confident about my product,  I will 100% guarantee to reshoot your images if you are not happy with them. As a professional photographer whose done thousands of headshot, I know the secrets of creating amazing images for my clients.

“I’m afraid my boss or co-workers or mates will see me” and they’ll know I’m job hunting or I’ll be SUPER embarrassed. Problem solved. We meet you at your discreet location near your work, we walk, find Melbourne Laneways and nooks with no one looking over your shoulder, and no embarrassing explanations.


Take a new action.

Get a new result.

  1. Get your online profile noticed – Every Day
  2. Get more callbacks, your resume noticed and more reviews – Every Day
  3. Make more money by lifting your career opportunities just by using a professional photograph – Every Day
  4. Get more swipes and the women that you desire  – Every Day!

Our Lunchtime Sessions book up SUPERFAST so don’t hesitate.

Book now and be on your way to building an amazing online profile that will get you to the top of the resume pile, callbacks from employers and recruiters, more respect in your workplace, and the dream date you’re looking for. Its all starts here, and now…


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Headshots  are in our DNA



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